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day 5

welcome to Mystery Island, Vanuatu.

semi-overcast 29 °C
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Photos are up before blog....watch this space tomorrow.

Day 5

Welcome to Mystery Island, Vanuatu – another not so early morning, the usual coffee first then breakfast. I was reminded as to how technology has taken a firm grasp of our youngsters when Jakob was reading the side of a packet of Frosty Flakes asking “is 15 Gig of sugars too much mum?” – I had to point out that it was grams and yes it is a bit too much.
We were on to the island by 9.45am and did the tour pretty quick – not a huge island however they did put on a market and many of the local kids were earning their money by singing our having photos taken with the visitors (see photo of Jakob with the Local warrior).
Glenn and Jakob went for some snorkelling this time – so it was my turn to dodge the rain and try and get some photos. I must confess it is very hard to get that ‘perfect shot’ with 2000 odd cruise passengers wandering around aimlessly on such a small island….
Back to the ship for lunch – we figured there was not much else to see and were just getting wet, sand blown from the wind and Jakob wanted to go to kids club again.
Lunch was very busy at the buffet so we had to share ourselves between 2 table – Jakob struck up a conversation with an elderly couple and we were once again giggling when the lady asked Jakob if we swam on the island and his response was “no we did not swim on the island, we swam in the water….” – got to be specific that boy of ours.
If you are wondering – no Lachlan did not come to the island today, he didn’t want to and Glenn and I gave him a ‘once-off’ to stay onboard for the day.
Jakob went to the kids club for the arvo and we relaxed around the pool till Jakob came out and had his ‘mandatory’ swim!
We opted out of the late dinner tonight and went to the buffet again – the plan was to hopefully go back to the room and get Jakob to have an early night…. Well that didn’t happen; he wanted to go back to kids club so we relented and let him go for an hour or so while we enjoyed the music at one of the many lounges on board.
Today’s towel animal was a dog – complete with reading glasses (courtesy of dad) – Jakob was stoked and wanted to try and make it last again…
Lachlan had a late night – getting in at 2am in the morning – a teen party hosted of course.
Well that’s it for today – Noumea tomorrow.
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Day 4

The Isle of Pines, Noumea

sunny 28 °C
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Day 4

Well, we made it to our first port – the Isle of Pines, Noumea.
Not an early morning by any standard for us – there wasn’t much point rushing to be in a queue with a couple of thousand people trying to get on 4 small boats to get ashore!! We took our time, went to breakfast and gathered our belongings for a smaller queue and onto the island by 9.30am – I did a bit of snorkelling with the boys whilst Glenn walked around with the big camera taking some ‘top shots’ (I hope). The boys and I tested out the new waterproof camera – it doesn’t do to bad – only problem was that any decent coral was too far out for me to be taking Jakob on my own.
After our swim we wandered around for a bit when Jakob found a couple of coconuts and proceeded to carry them everywhere – he had big plans of breaking them open to get to the juice and pulp; too bad they weren’t any good and he had no hope of breaking into them…
After wandering up and down the beach we soon realised that there wasn’t much to be seen unless you got a taxi or bus to the village. The boys didn’t seem interested and I wasn’t fussed either way, so I bought them back on board for lunch and shipboard fun. This left Glenn to explore and he caught a bus up into the village for some more photo opportunities till he ran out of space on his CF card (note: I did NOT pack the camera gear – otherwise this would not have happened!!).
So my peaceful afternoon by the pool uploading photos and blog entries was disturbed due to an early return to the ship by Glenn! What’s more, I had to buy him a drink when he got back too!!
After leaving Isle of Pines everything went back to normal….. Jakob kids club, Lachlan roaming the ship and Glenn and I relaxing – I even managed an afternoon nanny nap!!
Lachlan joined us for dinner tonight, he seemed to enjoy it but was very quick to escape once desert had left his plate. So back to our room via kids club picking up a very “pirate” looking Jakob! He was amazed at the ‘rabbit’ towel awaiting us in our room. It took some effort to get all the makeup off of him and off to bed (still black around the eye from the tough makeup tho).
That’s it for today’s update.
Till tomorrow – Mystery Island (Vanuatu). Bye for now

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Day 3

Still cruising

sunny 27 °C
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2010-12-20..0-14-00.jpg2010-12-20..0-08-28.jpg2010-12-20..0-08-08.jpg42010-12-20..9-50-14.jpg2010-12-20..9-52-35.jpgGidday all,

A much better day in the weather department today! The sun is fighting its way out, the temperature has risen a lot but it’s still a bit windy. Oh well, you can’t have it all.
Another late start to the day – 8am with coffee being collected by Lachlan (I knew I gave him an onboard ship account for something) once I have had my coffee etc I’m ready to go for breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary here – another beautiful omelette made fresh to my liking and some juice etc and Jakob is off to Kids club again.
I sometimes found myself during the day reminiscing of days way back when…. But I am quickly snapped out of it knowing that I am not on a Grey ship – way too many luxuries for that!!
I fair bit of relaxation happening out here in the middle of nowhere – until the end of Kids club that is… Off to lunch choice of the BBQ poolside, main (pompous) dining room or café; and the café wins. After lunch, Jakob and I went swimming and gave the boys new camera an underwater ‘test run’ – seems to work well until the battery goes flat of course. Not posting the shot Jakob took of me – so just an above water shot of Jakob this time; watch this space for some snorkelling shots at the Isle of Pines tomorrow…..
Jakob went to the afternoon movie (Toy Story 3) with a mate and then an afternoon nap to help keep him going.
Lachlan - who knows? I’m guessing he ate somewhere along the line; Glenn said that the last he saw of him he was heading off with his mate to the Internet café.
So Jakob off to dinner with Kids club and Glenn and I dinner alone - it was Italian night and with the main theme being 50/60s it was a very upbeat night…
Back (home) to our cabin and Jakob keeps wondering what our attendant has done with the towels tonight – so far we’ve had a swan and tonight’s was an elephant – very impressive indeed!!
Oh well enough for today – Isle of Pines tomorrow

C Ya for now
Donna & Howard boys 3

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day 2

trying to keep dry out of the rain

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Hi all
Well, a lazy start to the day after a late night to bed – Glenn went to get me a coffee so that I can start my day properly (out on the balcony with coffee and smoke of course!).
Down to café for breakfast – buffet of anything you could wish for – when Jakob indicated that he was not feeling too well. Being in the café right at the forward end of the ship was not great for him at all. We quickly gathered our breakfast and carried it all out to the pool deck where it was a bit more stable and a breeze helped to calm him down.
Unfortunately, the weather is not that great today – rain, cool and 1-2m swell. Nothing that bad but not great for poolside and other outdoor activities. We checked Jakob into Kids Club for 2 hours and wandered around the shops for a while – not one photo yet today either.
Lunch was down in the main dining area (Lachlan went to the café instead) and we agreed that it would be much quicker and better for our waistlines if we went to the café also!!
A short nanny nap for Glenn, Jakob & I after lunch and Jakob was eager to get back to kids club – he accepted begrudgingly that it was not great pool weather.
You will note from here on in there will be less and less about Lachlan – he has finally found a friend or two and I will now only see him when he needs something or his charge card is not working….. oh well that is what its all about I suppose.
We figured out the best way to dine - Jakob and Lachlan to Windjammer café for dinner around 6pm, Jakob off to Kids Club at 7pm, Lachlan off to his mates and Glenn and I dressed up for formal dinner at 8.30pm – a nice dinner for two at last…. We wont don this every night – just most of them!!
Back to room (having picked up Jakob of course) with a nice bottle of wine and another night of slow rocking to sleep (forgotten how good that could be).

Bye for now
Donna & Howard boys 3

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day 1

it all starts here

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Hi followers

Day 1 of our cruise was a big day – up early and a big breakfast of pancakes before jumping on a train from Woy Woy to Circular Quay.
Finally clearing and customs and checking in we quickly found our room dumped our carry-on bags and rushed off to the Windjammer Café for lunch.
Lunch was a buffet – not to bad at all. Lachlan filled himself as usual, Jakob pecked at this and that….
We explored the ship, checking out where everything is located and registering Jakob for kids club – Lachlan is left to his own devices however they do have optional teen activities if he wishes to participate.
The rest of the afternoon was spent by the pool so Jakob could swim!!
5.15 and off to the Lifeboats (don’t panic) for our ‘mandatory’ drill…
Back to the poolside and more lazing around – please note we still haven’t even left Sydney dock yet!!
Due to the huge demand for the Christmas cruise by families – we unfortunately did not get in early enough to secure the 6pm dining sitting!! So left to an 8.30pm dinner setting, the huge day and excitement all sort of backfired on us with Jakob falling asleep at 9pm in the chair using a pile of napkins (supplied buy our waiter) as a pillow – The food was fantastic, the wait staff a little difficult to understand accent-wise but we managed to get through it all. I managed to finish my dinner and being the one not having dessert, I took Jakob back to our room and he crashed again within seconds.
That’s it for day 1 – not much excitement to report other than that it was a lovely cruise out of Sydney Harbour for our first cruise.
Bye for now
Donna & Howard boys 3

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